Punda & Twiga in the Storm, Available Now

Hi Everyone – I’m pleased to announce that the paperback edition of my latest children’s book, Punda & Twiga In The Storm, is now available on Amazon.com here, and at the CreateSpace e-store, here.  It’s a great reading option for 2-5 year olds, especially if they, like my own kids, have anxiety about thunderstorms. “It’s … More Punda & Twiga in the Storm, Available Now

Beach House

My family and I meet on a bi-weekly basis with a group of other couples from our church.  Typically, these meetings are not scripted by any sort of “study,” and we just enjoy, for the most part, informal conversation and mutual sharing of life together.  Last week, someone brought up the question of why it … More Beach House

On Prayer

I wish prayer were easier.  If God worked like a computer where you just input a line of code and the response is calculated and displayed on a screen, life would be much easier to figure out.  This morning, I tried to pray for 30 minutes on some questions raised in a course I’m taking … More On Prayer