A Hike Through Fifteen Years

A couple of days ago, my wife and I celebrated fifteen years together.  I remember in conversation with her when she said the word “fifteen,” and I suddenly looked over at her and said aloud, “Fifteen!  I should get you something special.”  And she looked back at me and said, “Why?”  And I said, “Because … Continue reading A Hike Through Fifteen Years

On Being an Enneagram Nine

My Enneagram Journey I have always enjoyed personality theory, I think because of the great (and false) promise it offers to show us who we are and what we might be good at.  I say it’s false, because ultimately such things are not due solely to personality, but also to other things like family, friends, … Continue reading On Being an Enneagram Nine


I seem to be completely unaware of when I have worked myself too hard.  I know it’s important to rest.  I used to be lazy and rest too much, in fact.  I would rest as though I were addicted to rest (that’s laziness).  One of the best things about my marriage to Leslie is that … Continue reading Rest