Leslie and I have had frequent conversations about waiting recently.  Since Korea’s adoption program has slowed somewhat over the past year thanks to their cabinet changes in government under a new election, it sounds like we will most likely be traveling to Korea to pick up our child in the Spring of 2015.  He could, … More Waiting

Good Advice

I have been reading an excellent biography of Martin Luther lately, and I came across a passage in which Luther offers advice to a young pastor who is struggling with his preaching.  I think the advice applies equally to any act of writing, blogging, or teaching, so I share a portion of it here: Crawling … More Good Advice

Hello, my name is:

I am plagued with an innate sentimentality mixed with a tendency toward cliche.  I do not know where to cast the blame.  It may be the result of social conditioning from my youth, or it could be just something inherent in me that I have yet to overcome with lots of practice in good writing … More Hello, my name is:

Adventure of the BioBoys

Last weekend, I took Leighton and Caedmon on a double-header to the Erie Air Fair and to our adoption agency’s annual celebration picnic.  At the Air Fair, we saw a lot of older planes dating to WWII and some newer aircraft that looked like a Ferrari with wings.  The boys flew mechanical simulators, made craft … More Adventure of the BioBoys