I thought that when we finally brought Edric home the process of folding him into our family would be relatively simple:  Just love the kid and when he’s over the time change everything will be just like it was before, only with one more little guy in the mix.  I therefore ignored comments from my … More Thankful

New E-Book for Kids

Hi Friends, Shameless plug for my newest ebook, on sale now at  It’s a children’s book (pre-K – 3rd) about two friends who learn about nature.  In this first book, the two learn about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores while running from a hungry lion.  This book is only available on Amazon e-reading devices and … More New E-Book for Kids


Edric is home.  The first day was rough.  It felt, as it probably should have, like I was taking care of someone else’s kid from another country.  Except that if I were taking care of someone else’s kid, and not my own, I would know that eventually that would be sending that person’s kid back … More Home

Custody Day

Today is the big day. We are welcoming Edric JoonSoo officially into our family. It’s a weird mixture of the same emotions I felt when expecting Leighton and Caedmon, but with an entirely different expectation about how the experience will go down. Birthing is, after all, a challenging experience for parents (more-so for the mother, … More Custody Day