That Crazy, Neurotic Writer

I’ve been thinking of changing the subtitle of this blog to “The Neurotic writings of a husband… etc.” I used to look at blogs like mine and think, “Man, I never want to write like that when I’m older,” but now I understand how out-of-touch a person can get when they’re at home all the time with their kids. I hate for this to sound like a complaint, but it is, so… sorry; but when my kids are awake, they interrupt my attention about once every ten seconds. One starts to scream, or they get into a scuffle over a toy, or I hear “Daddy!!!” from across the house.

For a while, even, one of my kids would just walk around the house whispering “daddy-daddy-daddy” over and over like a mantra. I literally told him one day in frustration to stop worshipping me. I was not made to be the center of my children’s little world. None of us are. That’s for a higher power than I have. I just want to write a blog post, or sneak a few chocolate chips in the pantry, without my son’s warning light going off to say “Daddy’s doing something! I’d better go watch!”

All this to say, I’m going to try really hard to get back to the kind of writing I used to do, back when I was in touch with the world.  Back when I had time to focus.  I’d like to write a little about my experience with adoption, too. I hope you’ll stick around for that, whoever you are.

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