Monday Benediction

Happy Monday, everyone.  I’m taking joy in my work today as a homeschool teacher today.  I woke up early on a snowy and cold November morning to switch out the week’s curriculum as my wife got herself ready to leave for work.  Some days are difficult, but as with any other job out there you have to find ways to make the work fun when you can.  

I’ve made a commitment to read, as often as possible, one Psalm from the Bible per day, starting in order from Psalm 1.  Right now, I’m on Psalm 32, and as I’ve been reading them in order, I feel like I’m getting a much better sense of who the Psalmist was and how he thought.  I was especially struck this morning by verse 7, which reads: “You are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble.  You surround me with joyful shouts of deliverance.”  Here’s this tough warrior-king who writes of God like he’s a dad playing hide-and-seek. 

Usually when things go wrong in my life, my gut reaction is to blame somebody (and if no one is around, that person is usually God).  I wish my gut-reaction was to run to God as my hiding place like a warrior-king behind his shield.  That’s way more comforting than a lonely, bitter, me-against-the-universe stance I often take. 

Well, off to breakfast now and to get the kids ready for the day.  Here’s a cheesy Monday thumbs-up for all you dads out there.  May God be your hiding place today, whether your Monday is going well or not. 

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