The End of Another Year

My kids are finally nearing the end of another year.  It’s no surprise to say that it will go down as a strange and difficult year considering the virus, but honestly I don’t really want to write anything more about the virus right now.  We still have about a week or so left of Science.  … Continue reading The End of Another Year

Psalm 27

I made the mistake of reading the news today.  I know I shouldn’t do that.  The minute I pick up my phone to view the news I regret doing so, and yet I scan through the headlines like I can’t get enough of them.  Voice after voice telling me about this or that tragedy - … Continue reading Psalm 27


I seem to be completely unaware of when I have worked myself too hard.  I know it’s important to rest.  I used to be lazy and rest too much, in fact.  I would rest as though I were addicted to rest (that’s laziness).  One of the best things about my marriage to Leslie is that … Continue reading Rest