A Lesson on Encouragement

  I learned a lesson on encouragement the other day.  Edric was having a lot of difficulty learning syllables.  I can’t blame him.  He’s just moved past decoding words.  For a while, we were at the stage where he might read a word such as “tree” by sounding out each of its sounds as in … Continue reading A Lesson on Encouragement

Good Books: The Room of Wonders, by Sergio Ruzzier

I have always liked children’s books, especially those that have a deeper level of meaning.  The Room of Wonders, by Sergio Ruzzier, is one of those books.  When I take my kids to the library, my oldest runs to the back to see if there are any Big Nate books available, though he’s been reading a … Continue reading Good Books: The Room of Wonders, by Sergio Ruzzier


I believe there are times in life when pain and difficulty are the best teachers.  They say that there are certain stressful situations which, if experienced too often, can actually lead to a decline in one’s health, among other problems.  Namely:  Moving, changing jobs, adding children to your family, divorce, death, or sudden financial downturn. … Continue reading Change