On Being an Enneagram Nine

My Enneagram Journey I have always enjoyed personality theory, I think because of the great (and false) promise it offers to show us who we are and what we might be good at.  I say it’s false, because ultimately such things are not due solely to personality, but also to other things like family, friends, … Continue reading On Being an Enneagram Nine

The End of Another Year

My kids are finally nearing the end of another year.  It’s no surprise to say that it will go down as a strange and difficult year considering the virus, but honestly I don’t really want to write anything more about the virus right now.  We still have about a week or so left of Science.  … Continue reading The End of Another Year


I seem to be completely unaware of when I have worked myself too hard.  I know it’s important to rest.  I used to be lazy and rest too much, in fact.  I would rest as though I were addicted to rest (that’s laziness).  One of the best things about my marriage to Leslie is that … Continue reading Rest