Punda & Twiga

Update: May 22, 2016

I have so far failed to accomplish the goal that I had in mind, which was simply “finish the second book by the end of April.”  The problem was not that I procrastinated or that I’m one of those lazy writers who can’t get the second book out of the bag (I mean, I am, but that’s not really the problem).  No, the problem is that I didn’t set the kind of specific and measurable goals I often set for my students as a teacher.  I am therefore re-working my goal-setting and planning stage to include smarter goals that will get the book completed in a timely manner.

Your patience will pay off in the end when book #2 finally hits the digital bookstore.  Here’s a hint: It’s going to be about storms.  My kids hate thunderstorms.  Hopefully Punda & Twiga will help us all put those big storms into perspective so we don’t have to be afraid of them anymore.

Thank you for reading!


Hi Friends,

Shameless plug for my newest ebook, on sale now at Amazon.com:  It’s a children’s book (pre-K – 3rd) about two friends who learn about nature.  In this first book, the two learn about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores while running from a hungry lion.  This book is only available on Amazon e-reading devices and apps for the time being, and is available for check-out if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  Enjoy!